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ScanProX™ Barcode Scanner Handheld Wireless 2 in 1 2.4G Scanning Bar Code Reader

ScanProX™ Barcode Scanner Handheld Wireless 2 in 1 2.4G Scanning Bar C



Get the ScanProX a 2 in 1 wireless/wired barcode scanner that is compact and small and perfect for handheld operations unlike large bulky scanners.  Works up to 500 feet from the included receiver and is quickly recharged so you will never miss a scan. Includes a powerful built in battery and a LED buzzer reminder when a charge is needed. Works on all code systems.  Pick up your supply of handheld barcode scanners, you will love the ScanProX!







Performance parameter:

 Radio Frequency Point: 2.4 GHZ~2.48 3G HZ

Transmission Distance: 2.4 G (Spacious Distance 80-150 m)

Memory: 1MB (20,000 bar code information can be stored)

Connection mode: 2.4 G mode

Scanning mode: Manual trigger

Scanning speed: 300 times per second

Reading Accuracy: > 4MIL

Bar Code Sensitivity Inclination: +60 @ 0 Roll and 0 Skew

Deflection: +60 @ 0 Roll and 0 Pitch

Reflection difference of minimum contrast: >30%

Read code system: EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A, UPC-E, ISSN, ISBN, CODEBAR, CODE128, CODE93, INTERLEAVED 2 OF 5, INDUSTRIAL 2 OF 5, GS1, CODE39, CODE11 and other international standards are universal one-dimensional barcodes.

Application System WINDOWS & ANDROID & IOS

Data Interface: MINI USB

Physical parameters:

630-650 nm Visible Aurora Diode for Light Source
Power: Built-in 1100mAH battery
Reminder mode: LED lamp-buzzer
Power Supply (Input) DC: 5V
Current working current: 135MA
Standby Current: 35mA
Maximum current: 185MA

Environmental parameters:

Working temperature: - 20 +50 ° C
Storage Temperature: - 40 ~70 ° C
Relative humidity: 5%-95% without condensation
Electrostatic Protection: 4KV (Contact Discharge) 10KV (Air Discharge)
Drop height: 1.2 meters free fall
Protection Level: IP54
Electromagnetic Compatibility: EMC CE & FCC
Depth of field and resolution
(1MIL = 0.0254MM)
4MIL - 27-60MM
5MIL - 18-130MM
10MIL - 10-320MM
20MIL - 19-600MM



Package Includes:

1x 2.4GHz Wireless Scanner
1x USB Data Cable(130cm)
1x Mini USB receiver
1x Manual