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TireMaXPro™ 12V 120W 150PSI Portable Electric Car Tire Inflator Digital Tire Air Compressor Pump Tool

TireMaXPro™ 12V 120W 150PSI Portable Electric Car Tire Inflator Digita



TireMaXPro portable air compressor tire pump is a compact and portable car tire pump but you can use it to inflate everything from the basketball, bike tire, motorcycle tire, beach ball to the kid swimming pool.  Don’t pay for roadside assistance for a flat and never be late for work again with a low tire when you can pull out this compact and portable car tire pump and quickly fill any size tire. 150psi and 120w of power with a 12v lithium battery and high quality and durable construction make this portable air compressor a must-have for every vehicle and every household.  Get one today! Or maybe 3...


 -EASY AND FAST: This compact portable air pump can inflate a typical medium-sized car tire from 0 to 35 PSI in 3 to 5 minutes; you can test tire pressure with the unit and easily switch among 3 display units (PSI, BAR, KPA) on the screen.

-SIMPLE TO USE: Plug the 12V DC power cord into your 12V cigarette lighter socket or another 12V outlet, connect to tire valve with the air hose, then press the power button to turn on the compressor and it will start to inflate the tire.

-COMPACT & PORTABLE Special design makes it easy to store the power cord at the back. Compact structure makes this car tire inflator essential & easy to carry around.

-HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION – All of our products are made from the best materials, and the TireMaXPro DIGITAL TIRE INFLATOR is no exception. The body of the tire inflator is made from extremely durable, lightweight plastic, and the superior, sturdy hose is designed to resist high pressures while allowing for maximum airflow.

-WIDE RANGE OF USES: Besides inflate car, motorcycle tires, the included gas nozzle (blue) allows it to inflate an inflatable boat; the gas nozzle (red) is for inflating bike tires; and a ball needle for basketballs and other sports equipment and inflatables.




Item Weight:892g

Color: Black.

Material: ABS Plastic.

Voltage: DC 12V

Power: 120W

Air Flow: 35L/min

Max. Pressure: 150PSI

Power Cord Length:3 meters

Safety and Durable: Pass multiple repeated safety testing; with high-speed cooling, to ensure the life of the movement.

Inflate tire quickly: with strong power, improve efficiency, and save your time.


Package Include:

1 x Tire Air Pump

(Including accessories)