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Military Grade Stainless Steel Gravity Grappling Hook

Military Grade Stainless Steel Gravity Grappling Hook




Ever wonder where Batman gets his well-crafted gadgets that lead to adventures? Now you don't have to! Pick up a Military Grade Gravity Grappling Hook in Stainless Steel and you are ready to save the day! 

The multifunctional Military Grade Gravity Grappling Hook is a cross between a mechanical claw and a grappling hook. When it touches down, gravity pushes the jaws open. And the jaws are pushed closed naturally when reversed. 

Tie any rope or string to the "shackle" at the bottom and drop your Military Grade Gravity Grappling Hook to pick up anything you'd like! Whether it be pulling up mechanical parts or for emergency use, the mechanical claw and grappling hook are firm enough for various situations. 

This high quality and durable folding grappling hook can be used in outdoor activities, wilderness survival, and adventurous activities. It is one of the essential equipment for outdoor enthusiasts. Please make sure the rope used in conjunction with the hook is solid and stable enough for use. 


Military Grade Gravity Grappling Hook Features:

  • Ultra Durable and Compact: The strong bearing can hold up to 440 lbs (200 kg)! It only weighs 0.66 lbs (300 g) and is compact enough to fit easily into any pocket or bag.
  • Perfect 2 in 1 HOOK: It is equipped with one gravity hook in SUS304 stainless steel and one bat gear tie; it has a wider application range.
  • Multifunctional: The grappling claw is cross constituted with a mechanical claw and a grappling hook. When it touches down naturally, the jaws are pushed open due to gravity. And the jaws close when reversed.
  • Great for Climbing: Good for outdoor climbing activities, tree climbing, survival activities, outdoor adventure activities, rock climbing, ice climbing, and more.
  • Easy to Use: Tie any rope or string that is firm enough for large weight to the ring buckle at the bottom. Then use it for catching, opening the covers of bottles or cans, pulling a broken car, or even as an emergency weapon. The provided O-rings keep the gravity hook closed firmly.






- Color: Silver
- Material: Stainless Steel               
- Max. Load: 50KG
- Stainless steel material, with claw design.
- Provided rubber O-ring to tighten and fasten the grappling hook.
- Small and compact with folding claws, can expand and collapse, easy to carry.
- Strong bearing capacity, max load 50kg.
- Equip with a bat gear tie, for emergency connecting and hanging.
- Multi-purposes as an opener, a car traction rescuer, an object grabber, a hook hanging keys, etc.
- Used for Drill survival teaching, Physical teaching, climbing trees & anchoring & grapple falling objects teaching, etc. 
- Not suitable for individual outdoor survival escape activity.

Package Included:
1 x Gravity Hook
1 x Bat Gear Tie
1 x Rubber O-ring
1 x Storage Pouch